Borderline Ballroom

Zac Keiller (Aus) & Peter Wright (Lytt)

bbkeilorSunday, April 14, 2013
8:00pm in UTC+12

The Borderline Ballroom presents
an evening of avant-guitars with

Zac Keiller is an Australian musician discovering new and unique sonic textures from one of the most overused and unimaginatively approached instruments in Western music: The guitar. The majority of his previous releases saw him working with ambient textures or electroacoustic improvisation. More recent efforts have seen him limiting the use of pedals, attempting to find a kind of transcendence through stark purity of tone. Coaxing rawness and purity, where the pickups hum and the blemishes become the highlights with Keiller using the entire guitar, attempting to make it breathe with no smoothing out of the rough edges or slick over processing. His compositions vary and grow to tell stories and create mood, with an atmosphere in parts epic wall of sound, while at others minimal and sublime.

Peter Wright’s sound works are predominantly based around drones and repetition, layering fragments of guitar in mesmerising fields of drift, conjuring up aural landscapes that place emphasis on sub-conscious memories and dreams. Weaving amongst this dense undergrowth are a myriad of tonal shifts, environmental recordings, and electronic effects, which evoke alien spirits at the periphery of sleep.

8pm sharp start – this is an early evening gig