Borderline Ballroom

Old Growth Cola (Bris)/Van Halo (Chch)/ Teen Haters (Lytt)

bbteenSaturday, February 11, 2012
8:00pm until 11:00pm

The Borderline Ballroom presents

Old Growth Cola (Bris)/Van Halo (Chch)/ Teen Haters (Lytt)
& Borderline DJ Stanier Black-Five


Old Growth Cola
Brisbane based Old Growth Cola bring their whimsical brand of experimental psych pop to Christchurch’s Borderline Ballroom. The date is part of a New Zealand tour that coincides with the release of a live cassette courtesy of Breakdance the Dawn and limited edition 7” lathe cut.

Van Halo
Christchurch duplexicon of many free-time associations and witchuals observed. Burns holes in woven dependencies, free for all. All for none. Rugcore dialectics weave from library returns to nightwalker revelations. A tableau of auxiliary gains accumulating rust, hoarded from excoriated vocals, primordial percussives, jammed tapes, and room tone returns.

Teen Haters
A new collaboration between Mela and Peter Wright, Teen Haters fuses the mournful swell of decaying cello with the burp and whine of unearthed electronic flurries, trailing arcs of disrhythmia like a blackout dose of narcotics, to irreversibly tarnish the city that shines.

Plus sonic segues of psych noise and perplexing pop from Stanier Black-Five.