Borderline Ballroom

Mr Sterile Assembly

Mr Sterile AssemblyMr Sterile Assembly (Wellington)
The Bullitts

Darkroom, 336 St Asaph St, Christchurch NZ, Friday 13 September

The last time mr sterile Assembly attempted to play in the Garden City, March 11 2011, the show became cancelled as forces much to great to control intervened. The world change shape and minor plans were shelved. Life was altered and more important matters needed to be attended to.

Time passes. And hopefully this is an opportunity for minor things to happen once again.

mr sterile Assembly is a two-piece musical unit from the tectonic sister-city of Wellington. The band delivers an assertive and playful drums & bass foundation for stories to swing and soar from. The sounds can dance from tight composition to ecstatic splatter, often within moments of each other.

Well into the second decade of the band’s life, this lineup continues the storytelling after many years of conscious diversification and play. We are very excited to return to Christchurch (and Timaru on the Saturday night) bringing new reinterpretations of older songs, and a number of newer ones to fill in the Cantabrian airways if only just for a hair’s breadth.

mr sterile Assembly will be supported by Regressor’s electronic expressionism and improv outrage (and great hairstyling) from The Bullitts.
Regressor is the solo project of Alex Donnithorne. The Bullitts are Rory Dalley, Peter Wright, and David Khan.