Borderline Ballroom

Malcolm Riddoch & Stanier Black-Five, Kikkawa/Scowen, Adam Willetts

bb-mr-sb5Friday, December 2, 2011
8:00pm until 11:00pm

With a bill spanning lo-fi noise pop to electroacoustics, industrial musique concrete to damaged ambient folk, the Borderline Ballroom is back with an exciting bill of experimentalism, featuring Malcolm Riddoch (Perth) & Stanier Black-Five (Lytt), Kikkawa/Scowen (Dun) and Adam Willetts (Chch).

Malcolm Riddoch (Perth) & Stanier Black-Five (Lytt)

Malcolm Riddoch and Stanier Black-Five will be collaborating on a visceral slice of trans-Tasman noise fusing Stanier Black-Five’s dense industrial musique concrete with Riddoch’s phenomenologically informed electronic transformation of the performance space. Riddoch’s work explores the resonant frequencies of acoustic spaces, while Stanier Black-Five makes soundscapes largely based on her own environmental recordings and found sounds.

Kikkawa/Scowen & guest (Dun)

Motoko Kikkawa, Richard Scowen and often a third collaborator, work with sound and video recording to capture improvisations that wander unguided untamed between the camps of noise, folk, ambient, dark/no wave, ritual, rock, film and damage. They use eclectic acoustic and electric instruments, site specific found objects, multi dimensional conjuring under monikers that include Saved from the sharp teeth of a homophobic death, The ladder is part of the pit and Black Box HQ.

Adam Willetts (Chch)

Adam Willetts has been performing around New Zealand and internationally for more than a decade creating beautiful works of sparkling, electronic noise using mixtures of DIY, lo-tech and hi-fi tools.

Plus interludes of cassette chaos from resident DJ I-Rory