Borderline Ballroom

Furchick (Perth), Oranj Punjabi (Melbourne) and Mela (Lyttelton)

furchickgigFriday, September 2, 2011
8:00pm until 11:30pm

206 Barbadoes Street, Christchurch, ,

The Borderline Ballroom is proud to present an exciting all female bill, featuring two of Australia’s most compelling experimental performers, Furchick and Oranj Punjabi, plus local lofi legend, Mela.

Furchick (Claire Pannell)

Each new piece is a nonchalantly delivered slice of experimentalism, at times discordant but never repellent. A playful, adventurous ethic is betrayed by a range of offbeat home-made instruments – like a contraption built from a tin box and a slinky. Meanwhile however, the set recalls a classic avant-garde art aesthetic.

Oranj Punjabi (Fjorn Butler)
Bundling together time-warping feedback loops, cracked and mangled tape sounds, the pure tonality of no-input mixing desk, and found object manipulation (fed through dirty, hand-molded contact mics). Here, collage and concept meet an exceptionally tactile approach to the simple pleasures of making noise.

Mela is an experimental audio/visual project that revels in the medium-specific properties of a variety of obsolete media. Her performances combine an almost obsessive degree of preparation with random interjections from misbehaving equipment. She sonically and visually investigates the aesthetics of constrained gesture and broken things by layering repeating melodies, gradually effected drones, and suitably unrecognisable beats to create an imperfect but mellifluous musical microclimate.

First act on at 9pm