Borderline Ballroom

Eye/Mela/Stanier Black-Five live

bbsb5Saturday, August 7, 2010
8:00pm until 11:30pm

El Santo Porteno, Cnr Norwich Quay & Oxford St, Lyttelton, ,

Improvisational rock/electronic group, Eye’s music is based around a series of juxtapositions: of loud versus quiet noise, of traditional rock instruments versus both analogue and digital electronics, and of driving trance-rock versus free=floating sound fields.
The group was formed in late 2003 as a trio featuring Peter Porteous (Empirical, Lapdog, Electricity) on guitar, thumb piano and Tibetan bowl, Nathan Thompson (Sleep, Renderizors, Sandoz Lab Technicians) on guitar, laptop and occasional vocals, and Peter Stapleton (Rain, Flies Inside the Sun, Sleep, A Handful of Dust, Terminals) on drums, tapes and shortwave radio. The original trio became a quartet in late 2009, with the addition of Jon Chapman (Ray-Off, Rory Storm & The Invaders, Double Leopards) on electronics.
The most recent Eye album Winterwork will shortly be released by US label Last Visible Dog.

Mela generates a mellifluous musical microclimate using obsolete and discarded sound sources to liberate layers of repeating melodies, gradually effected drones, and suitably unrecognisable beats. Revelling in the unexpected her rare performances are the combination of an almost obsessive degree of preparation with the random interjections from misbehaving equipment. Preparation and indeterminacy battle it out under Mela’s “play like Lomo” aesthetic.

Stanier Black-Five
Environmental recordings reverberate at the heart of Stanier Black-Five’s industrial musique concrète. Her visceral performances and recordings resound with the eerie echoes of ammunition bunkers and ship hulls, mesmerising aircraft drones and the pounding rhythms of trains.