Borderline Ballroom News

Borderline Listening Post Launch

ear 4 fbThursday 20th June

Lyttelton Civic Square: Cnr London & Canterbury Streets, Lyttelton

Tin Palace Gallery: 13A Oxford Street, Lyttelton


The Borderline Ballroom invites you to an exciting evening of sonic art to celebrate the official launch of the Borderline Listening Post in Lyttelton’s transitional Civic Square. Celebrations commence at 8pm sharp by the Listening Post, for the sound installation’s resonant inauguration.

The event then shifts to the Tin Palace at 8.15pm for live performances by local artists Memory Burn, Teen Haters and Zeug Gezeugt, interspersed with the sonic component curated by the Borderline Ballroom of the “Illuminate” light and sound exhibition running at the gallery on evenings between 20th and 23rd June.

Free event/donations welcome

The Borderline Listening Post is a public sound installation in a corner of Lyttelton’s Civic Square, featuring works contributed by local, national and international sonic artists. Some have responded directly to the space, while others have been inspired from afar to create works that range from soundscapes using the local environment as their source to electronic pieces and electroacoustic compositions. It will be playing 24 hours from June 20th onwards.

Artists featured in the initial programme include: Chris Cree Brown (Christchurch) – Jimmy Currin (Dunedin) – Dark Passenger (Melbourne) – Reuben Derrick & Chris Reddington (Christchurch) – Funes (Lyttelton) – Furchick (Perth) – Brent Holt (Auckland) – JA (Christchurch) – Luke Munn (Berlin) – Claire Pannell &  Rob Haakman (Perth) – Blair Parkes (Christchurch) – Malcolm Riddoch (Lyttelton) – The Rothko Chapel (Melbourne/Canberra) – Sophia Schon (Auckland/Berlin) – Stanier Black-Five (Lyttelton) – Welcoming Dusk (Christchurch)