Borderline Ballroom

Borderline Basement

bb-poster02Saturday, February 26, 2011
5:00pm until 9:00pm

The Basement (off London St – at bottom steps next to Coffee Company, in building to right, facing the Volcano Radio Stage), ,

The Borderline Ballroom/Radio collective presents a subterranean selection of experimental sounds local and live in The Basement.

Take time out in the early evening from the bustling street to enjoy live underground sounds and interludes in a cool and relaxed environment. Performances include those by Bruce Russell, Greg Malcolm and Hi-Asobi, with additional sonic input from Stanier Black-Five, I-Rory, George Gosset and Nick Harte.

*Bruce Russell: improvising sound artist who uses tape loops, a vintage electronic organ, and a guitar…in ways their makers never imagined

*Hi-Asobi: a collaboration between Peter Wright, Antony Milton & David Khan – deceptively simple processes yield unexpected and complex results… aurally analogous to the effect of setting up two mirrors facing each other

*Greg Malcolm – although best known for his solo work with simultaneously played multiple guitar performances, Greg will be making one of his rare and captivating acoustic performances in The Basement

Alcoholic refreshments will be available from the Volcano Radio Basement Oasis bar.